The exhibition “The Manufacture of Beauty. The Ginori Manufactory and its People of Statues”, created thanks to the technical sponsorship provided by Richard Ginori, will be on display in Florence at the National Museum of Bargello, from May 18th to October 1st 2017.

 For the first time in Italy, this exhibition celebrates the exceptional porcelain artworks created at the Doccia Manufactory (now known across the world as the Richard Ginori Manufactory) through aremarkable exhibition path highlighting the most important sculptures crafted during the Manufactory’s early years along with works from the permanent collection at the National Museum of Bargello in Florence. The museum is home toimportant masterpieces crafted by some of the most famous sculptors from the Renaissance period, including Michelangelo, Donatello, Ghiberti, Cellini and Giambologna.

 This journey offers visitors a brand-new exploration with wax, terracotta and bronze works that will serve, either wholly or partially, as models of porcelain works detailing the extraordinary and magnificent 18th-century works collected by marquis Carlo Ginori from the studios and workshops of sculptors from the late-Renaissance and early-Baroque periods. A series of works that are unique throughout the world due to their exceptional dimensions that illustrate the transformation of sculptural invention into extraordinary porcelain work.

 For this exhibition, the two most important pieces from the collection were provided by the Richard Ginori Museum at the Doccia Manufactory: The Venus de’ Medici , which reproduces the famous statue from the Tribune, and the majestic Camino (Fireplace) surmounted by copies of Michelangelo’s Day and Night from the Medici Tombs, specially restored for the exhibition. The Tempietto della gloria della Toscana (Temple of Tuscan Glory) is also on display at the exhibition. Donated by Carlo Ginori to the Etruscan Academy in Cortona , this piece has been restored for the event and embodies the artistic and political ambitions of the Manufactory’s founder.

 Furthermore, Richard Ginori will offer its visitors an additional opportunity that will enable them to enjoy the unrivalled excellence of artisan experts who continue to work with the Manufactory today: A guided tour of the historical Florentine building located, since 1802, in via dei Rondinelli 17/r. Visitors will be accompanied by a dedicated staff member with a highly specialised expertise. Among the works on display, the limited-edition Statue of Mercury, entirely handmade in bisque porcelain and reproduced by the Manufactory’s artistic casting experts, is being celebrated at the National Museum of Bargello. The statue allows you to revisit a Mercury designed by the Florentine sculptor Francesco Fanelli and detailed within

18th-century inventories of the Ginori Manufactory.

 With this exhibition, we are proud to celebrate Richard Ginori’s history throughout time, from past to present. The exceptional artistic talent of our experts has been key to Richard Ginori’s development. Our experts have succeeded in telling the Manufactory’s story and are the single most important element of the group’s future, ” said Giovanni Giunchedi, President and Managing Director of Richard Ginori. “The exhibition represents the history, culture and exceptional artistry of Richard Ginori, a unique symbol embodying Italian excellence and creativity throughout the world”.