MM: How has your year been so far?

EE: So far very good.  The people in Europe now know my name and love what I do.

MM: You presented your new collection at the Berlin Fashion week this summer. Did you enjoy it?
EE: In the beginning I was not quite sure how the audience would react, but as soon as the models came out wearing my outfits I knew that i was on the right track because they  all loved it.

MM: How did you realize that?
EE: Well, there was a lot of applause and many satisfied faces. At the end of the show I got a lot of very positive feedback, lots of questions, and was asked if I would return next season.

MM: So, will you return to Berlin next season?
EE: Yes, but not only for Fashion week as I would like to see something of Berlin itself. The city is lovelier than I imagined, it is so green, so full of trees. Berlin has great culture and interesting history. The people here are really friendly and open minded, even the climate was a pleasant surprise for me.

MM: What do you think has been the secret of your success in Berlin?
EE:I think it is all about the colorful and abstract combinations that I have used, especially the little penguins on my clothes, they were absolute eye-catchers.

MM: Would you say that the Berlin Fashion week was your favourite show this year?
EE: I have to be honest, it was a great experience. Berlin was very enjoyable. I truly love “Zwiebelrostbraten” (roast beef with onions) and ”Berliner Ballen”(Berlin Doughnut) but it is not my favorite fashion show. It has nothing to do with Berlin .Let me give you an anecdote: in the opera the most important parts are the beginning and the end, the middle is not so exciting.

MM: So is the “Pitti Imagine Uomo” fashion fair in Italy your favorite? You have been showing a collection there every year for the last six years.
EE: Yes. The first collection is always the most exciting, everything is new, yes I think that’s it. It was my first.

MM: Where do you get your ideas for your collections, what inspires you?
EE: It’s as easy as it’s said. Everywhere and everything. Life is full of stories to be told. For example, when I was in Cape Town I saw wild penguins at the coast and the idea of integrating them into my collection was born.

MM: Is fashion for you evolution or more revolution?
EE: Definitely revolution. I am always creating vivid new highlights.

MM: First you studied and learned fashion as a student, and now you create it as a famous fashion designer and teach young students. Did that change your life?
EE: I think the perspective changed, the attitude developed, different people come as friends and go as foes, or vice versa. The danger is the knowledge when to change. I mean knowing when to act being famous and when not to, when to put on my “blazing shirt” and when not to.

MM: What is important to you as a teacher and why is fashion your passion?
EE: I know how it was being a student, so I want to help them become great designers. I love to see the fire in their eyes. This fire is the reason why fashion is my passion. Expressing emotions using fashion, that is my way.

MM: Mr. Erdemoglu could you please give us a hint about your next collection? Do you already have some new ideas?
EE: Ideas? I always have new ideas. I am always alert for new impulses. I will not reveal any details about my new collection, but I will say this, there will be a preview in this hotel (Hotel Titanic Delux in Berlin) and I will have a 1500qm ballroom at my disposal.

Thank you very much for this extensive interview Mr. Erdemoglu.

Interview by Bjoern Nowak at the “Titanic Deluxe Berlin”