Name: Nick Verschoren

Age: 24

Measures: Chest 102 cm/42 inches.    Hip : 95 cm/38.5 inches.      Middle : 82 cm /31 inches

Born in: Belgium

Agency: Freelance


MM-What you expect and think about the fashion world:

NV-For me Fashion is a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses ,but also act .Be updated and stay motivated , also take some risks now and then . It also allows me to travel the world, meet great people and to make amazing experiences.

MM-Countries you would like to travel as a model:

NV-Well the thing is , i explore a lot of countries already , but the countries i like and would love to stay for work is definitely ; the US , South Amercia , the Caribbean ,Italy ( Madrid )and the far east .

MM-Your favorite designer:


MM-Your objective in your carrer / in the fashion world:

NV-Make money offcourse with something you really love. For some people , if they do 2 shoots they are allready international model , we know better, it take years to explore where you want to go to , how to do the things you want and achieve. Hard work pays off …

MM-Funny story lived in the backstage or photo session :

NV-We where in San Francisco ,shooting for a Chines clothing designer , really different, wide shirt they come to the belly and stuff ,photographer said , lets do some crazy things on the streets , so we went out and shoot near people , busses, jumps in the air in front of nice building , it was really funny and great . Pictures where great too(laugh).

MM-If you were not a model you will be:

NV-Zookeeper , i love animals man

MM-Negative things for being a model:

NV-There are none ! (laugh)

MM-Positive things for being a model:

NV-You can be who you are , and give a show what people want ( catwalk ) and give people the look what they are waiting for ( catalogue )

MM-You Love:

NV-Possitive people arround me , explore the world.

MM-You Hate:

NV-Negative people , too much traffic .

MM-Your Favorite Color is:


MM-Your Last book was:

NV-De kunst van het geluk ( The art of happiness ) by Howard Cutler