Name: Jan Ole Linhoff

Age: 17(1999)

Measures: 1.89

Born in: Bad Homburg, Germany

Agency: KULT MA Germany


MM-What means luxury for you:

Jl-Sitting at the beach reading a good book or listening to my favorite music.

MM-When and how you were discovered as a model:

JL-Patrick discovered me after I bought a pretzel at a stand at the Christmas market in Frankfurt. So I was standing there completely confused when he asked me if I would like to become a model. At first I thought it was a prank or something like that, but then I said sure why not.

MM-What you expect from and think about the fashion world:

JL-I expect it to be open minded and that there will always something new to discover and to try out

MM-Countries you would like to travel as a model:

JL-Australia and South Africa

MM-Your favorite designer:

JL-Hilfiger and Diesel

MM-Your objective in your career / in the fashion world:

JL-Travel the world and make experiences I’ll remember for the rest of my life

MM-If you were not a model you will be:

JL-An investment banker or manager

MM-Negative things for being a model:

JL-Having long hair, because it’s annoying when you do sport.

MM-Positive things for being a model:

JL-The perfect motivation to live healthy and the possibility to see new places

MM-You Love:

JL-Basketball, music, traveling and going out with some friends

MM-You Hate:

JL-Rainy days and getting up in the morning

MM-Your Favorite Color is:


MM-Your Last book was:

JL-Game of thrones