Name: Frederico Ventura
Age: 21
Measures: 185 cm
Born in: Lisbon, Portugal.
Agency: ReQuest NYC / Independent IT / Just Portugal.
MM-What do you expect and think about the fashion world:

FV-The world of fashion ain’t easy, there’s a lot of competition but I always try to take it easy and hope to get, good jobs for famous brands and magazines.

MM-Countries you would like to visit in your carrer:

FV-Brazil / USA / Japan / France.

MM-Your favourite designer/brand:

FV-Ralph Lauren / Calvin Klein / Ermenegildo Zegna

MM-Your objective in your carrer:

FV-Become worldwide famous, book big campaigns and travel!

MM-Funny story lived in the backstage:

FV-Nothing special to tell just some funny moments shared with other models and photographers durings the jobs.

MM-If you were not a model you will be:


MM-Negative things for being a model:

FV-Not having much time for friends and family. long waiting lines.

MM-Positive things for being a model:

FV-Get the chance to travel, meet new people, and focus on yourself.

MM-You love:

FV-Sports, the outdoor, music, family, friends, good food, good wine, good vibes!

MM-You hate:

FV-Staying at home, rude people, being judged.

MM-Your favourite color is: