Name: David Coffaro

Age: 19 years old (03-14-1996)

Measures:     Height                         5’11” (180 cm)

Weight                         148 lbs (67 kg)

Measurements             xx-xx-xx

Shoe size                     8 (41)

Hair                             Black

Eyes                            Brown


Born in: Dijon, France

Agency: Saint Clair Agency


MM-What you expect and think about the fashion world:

DC-Fashion is my passion, what attracts me the most is that it moves a lot, it creates constantly. Arrival of new talent, new trends and new color collections. Fashion is a world that lives and of endless creations.

MM-Countries you would like to travel as a model:

DC-Unites States of America

MM-Your favorite designer:

DC-Karl Lagerfeld

MM-Your objective in your carrer / in the fashion world:

DC-I want to become a famous model and work with major brands.

MM-Funny story lived in the backstage or photo session :

DC-During an outdoor shoot, photographer has been dropped in water.

MM-If you were not a model you will be:


MM-Negative things for being a model:

DC-Short career, competition with other models

MM-Positive things for being a model:

DC-Travel around the world, wear the lastest fashionable clothes, earn lots of money

MM-You Love:

DC-Motor sports, music and travel

MM-You Hate:

DC-Lost my phone, losing my car keys and cooking for myself

MM-Your Favorite Color is:


MM-Your Last book was:

DC-Chrys Bens Photography