The Antony Morato Spring/Summer 2016 collection speaks to the modern man, a man that pays attention to fashion and style.

Antony Morato proudly represents this man by proposing three different ranges, each with different inspirations and backgrounds, altogether offering an eclectic but always stylish look for the Spring Summer 2016 season.

The Black label, the fashion soul of Antony Morato, focuses on searching and juxtaposing new materials and offers metallic inserts, relieves and rubberized fabrics creating a patchwork between a biker and military look.

The Gold label, the urban spirit of the brand, reinterprets the classic biker uniform in a younger, understated way and delves us into the Paris-Dakar universe.

The Silver label is all about a sporty-chic attitude, where sport themed and stylish clothing items and accessories become interchangeable. Featuring patterns inspired by the colors of Mondrian’s paintings, the Silver collection offers a relaxed, yet always modern look.